Fight The Amazon Tower

Silicon Valley is the byproduct of unfettered tech-urbanism: skyrocketing gentrification, increasing homelessness, surveillance and income inequality. When Amazon comes to Friedrichshain, the existing precarious situation is intensified. We want to stop that!

Construction for Berlin’s tallest building is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Plans are for 3400 software developers to occupy 28 of the 35 stories. It will be located on the Warschauer Bridge, next to the East Side Mall, a relic of the Media Spree era. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg will be transformed into a hotspot for tech giants. The mantra of it brings jobs is repeated. Of course those jobs are not intended for local residents. The neighborhood will see a demographic shift, with tech firms disrupting the neighborhood staples: small businesses, schools, community initiatives and cultural centers. In Silicon Valley, the consequences of laissez faire capitalism is apparent. The recent victories in New York City and Kreuzberg show that we are not simply at the mercy of real estate, but that we can successfully push back against tech giants through grassroots coalitions. This is exactly what we aim for. Together we creatively and loudly protest against the Amazon infestation in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. A conglomerate like Amazon, which harasses employees, pays no taxes while earning hundreds of billions, and propagates digital surveillance, has no business in Berlin or anywhere! The city belongs to us!