Save Your Kiez - Fight Amazon

Friday, February 21, 2020

Demonstration for a common future

The secret of the construction site at the Warsaw Bridge has been revealed: None other than the Internet giant Amazon wants to move into the 140-meter-high high-rise building called EDGE East Side Berlin with 3,500 well-paid workers. Companies such as Zalando, Lieferando and many others are also currently opening headquarters or building their own giant projects. This is just a small glimpse of the coming changes in Berlin.

Together we want to demonstrate on February 22 against Amazon and for a city from below. Amazon wants to enter our neighbourhood! Who wants a company like Amazon, which monopolizes areas such as mail order, monitors its customers and harasses its workers, destroys goods as good as new and works together with deportation authorities here in our neighbourhood? With the settlement of Amazons in Friedrichshain, the already tense situation threatens to become much worse. Seattle and San Francisco are still suffering from the drastic consequences of unfettered tech urbanism: exploding rents, rising homelessness and a growing income gap. Capital does not always win But there is another way: In New York a year ago Jeff Bezos (head of Amazon) had to leave under loud protest and cancel his plans for headquarters. Let's do what they did! Defend the neighbourhood culture! What use is the rent cap and the mantra "...the city is yours!" if at the same time the door is kept wide open for tech capital? What we are experiencing right now is the forced change of our city from above. Small businesses and social institutions are being displaced, open spaces, self-managed houses and cultural institutions are being threatened and disappearing - a central component for a diverse and lively city. Liebig34, Potse, Drugstore, Köpi, Rigaer94, Lause, Syndikat and Meuterei, Friedel54, RAW, K-Fetish, SabotGarden and Diesel A, all must stay! We will not give way where the profit interests of corporations try to displace us. We are all threatened, even the housing market offers no security. New luxury construction, club death and neighbourhood destruction, rent increases and homelessness. Not with us! In a city without solidarity, we residents of all kinds come together! The "promised" demand- and climate-friendly city of tomorrow - we want it today! No Amazon Tower! We all stay!